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My Studio is in via Forcella, Tortona Fashion District, Milan

Hi, my name is Daniel. I am an Artist and a Fashion and Portrait Photographer based in Milan, Italy.

I am an engineer, Master Degree at Politecnico di Milano,  and a project manager with a successful career, both as an employee and an entrepreneur. My technical skills and preparation always enhanced my creativity and vice versa. So it happened… I learned, I took thousands of pics, and now I love more than everything to paint with light. So that’s what I do.

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Well Established in Fashion Business

Some of my works for Art Exhibitions

I’m proud to have exhibited some of my contemporary artworks with some of the best Italian fashion photographers, like Giovanni Gastel, Andrea Varani, and Efrem Raimondi.

‘Made in Italy, Ricominciamo da qui’ Exhibition – Italian Moda and Photography

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Before, Nowadays and Lifelong

Project Engineer and Project Manager

I am a former Project Engineer in Ferrari Auto, the iconic luxury automotive brand. And there I started to see and produce Art.

I wanted more, and I was looking for more possibilities to express my skills, so I resigned and started my entrepreneur career. Since then, my strong technical preparation has always supported and pushed my creativity and artistic drive.

Starting from creating a luxury farmhouse in Tuscany

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