Daniel was born in Milan in 1975 to a Tuscan father and a Milan mother. So it is perhaps already the blood to explain his being halway between Art and Technique, Creativity and Efficiency.

Self-taught, a profound scholar of photographers whom he considers his mentors, such as Irving Penn, Albert Watson and David La Chapelle, is passionate about the photographic technique and is an expert in lighting: he literally paints his works with light. He is Director Of Photography and an Art Director.

His photo works of Contemporary Art, exposed at the exhibition ‘Made in Italy, Ricominciamo da qui‘, with the artworks of some of the most important Italian fashion photographers such as Giovanni Gastel, Andrea Varani, and Efrem Raimondi, received great favors from critics and insiders.






My Photography

My Artistic Vision​

Photography is Art
‘I see Art and Photography as what defines humans and can elevate them. Only humans can create other worlds, musical, visual, or literary. Art and the Beauty search must define Man.’

The Light, the Reality, the Artistic Vision.
‘Of Reality, the Photographer imagines a vision that is not there, and he creates it, paints it, with Light, technique, and fantasy – and this is Art.’

The Hero.
‘I want to make it clear who the Hero in the photo is. The Hero can be my artistic vision, the subject itself, or his clothing in a fashion shoot; the Hero could be the photo destination of use, if a client commissioned it, but the Photographer’s Style has to be always my Style’.

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Before... Ferrari and the ART of Project Engineering

Ferrari may be where an artist starts

Project Engineer in Ferrari Auto, Maranello, Italy

‘I think I started being an artist projecting these wonderful masterpieces loved by everyone in the world.’

He worked together with some of the best project engineers and managers in the World, learning to be a leader and work in a team.

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Looking for a life by my own

As Daniel got an Entrepreneur and, definetely, a fashion Photographer

‘Along with the start of my entrepreneurial experience, my urge to tap my creativity and to live my life by my own choice pushed me to start a new life, where working hard were the way to pursue my dreams’

Daniel’s luxury farmhouse in Tuscany
Daniel directed the entire renovation works and designed refurbishment of all aspects.
As a project manager with a strong engineer mind-set, Daniel successfully combined his technical competencies with his creativity and art.

Daniel took care of all the communication and photo aspects of the marketing and branding, including shootings, web design and development, graphic and illustration design, multimedia coordination, booking and sales, social marketing, and PPC campaigns.

It was the start of everything…


Some of my best Projects