Italian Fashion Exibition Made in Italy, Ricominciamo da qui

Made in Italy, Ricominciamo da qui

We are all lined up together to start this wonderful Italian Fashion Exhibition!
Start dreaming, traveling, and build on art, culture, and photography again. Maria Cristina Brandini, an established and passionate Italian curator, wanted a collective exhibition of great Italian photographers, wanted to celebrate Italian Fashion in photography.
The exhibition ‘Made in Italy: Ricominciamo da qui’ was organized by Maria Cristina Brandini and Studio Roberto Berné, with Laura Morino and Giovanni Gastel’s portraits.
Proud to exhibit some of my body painting works and contemporary art by the artist RAUL33 with some of the most outstanding Italian fashion photographers.

w/ Giovanni Gastel, Stefano Babic, Alessio Cocchi, the late and talented Fabrizio Mazzoni, Efrem Raimondi and Andrea VaraniIrina Litvinenko e Alessandro Visapolli as guest.

Museo della Seta of Como, October 2020.


foto di Fernanda Bareggi e Costantina Pozzi.

My Works at the Italian Fashion Exhibition 'Riconciamo da qui'

My works at the Photography Exhibition ‘Made in Italy, Ricominciamo da qui’ (‘let’s start over from here’), the courage to start over from art and culture, the courage to see the beauty in the World and in people  and feed our vision to stand up and smile


a Keith Haring tribut

A tribute to Keith Haring and the iconic Grace Jones.

EXHIBITION MODA MADE IN ITALY  Daniel Grandolfi Photographer Milano Fashion and Beauty Tortona area FASHIONBLOG Advertising Photographer Porta Genova editorial photographer magazines Vogue Professional portrait photographer Profoto Lighting Canon cameras 2

A tribut to Grace

A tribute to Keith Haring and the iconic Grace Jones.

With Giovanni Gastel

Master Photographer, Artist and Poet

I am proud of the friendship and artistic consideration of the master Giovanni Gastel, a wonderful person and constant source of inspiration.

With Roberto Berné

Studio Berné is a Laboratory for Contemporary Art

I am more than happy to have met and work with Roberto Berné, an extraordinary consultant for artists and artists himself.