Maria Cristina Brandini

And one day, I get overwhelmed by a hurricane of words, enthusiasm, emotions, dreams, goals, projects, and the joy of living. Daniel is all this and much more.
But the thing that struck me, most of all, is his being madly in love with Letizia, the beautiful wife, and Gaia, his lovely little girl. You believe that a trained and good engineer is “square” and rational. Certainly, it will be this Daniel, but what I perceived is his floating on high waves of LOVE, then of feelings…. the leitmotif that accompanies him in everything he creates and especially in what he will achieve in the future.
He wanted to give me only a few photographs, for me amazing, considering them iconic and representative of his work, as eclectic as it is..  Shots full of color, even if in b/n, loads of positive energy and good movement even where there are static poses. Innovative and dynamic images, respecting good taste and elegance. Beautiful body painting series. But we will find it again at the October Exhibition “Made in Italy…. Let’s start from here!” that I will exhibit at the Silk Museum of Como. Actually, I had no more walls available, the cast of 7 photographers was complete, but I tried absolutely a solution to be able to offer my audience just a taste of the wonderful images of Daniel. And so it will be!
I am sure that Daniel will have more and more success both in Italy and in America, his secret dream that I reveal in preview! Because he believes and above all his engine does not go to gasoline but goes to Love, and this opens all the caskets more all the most precious caskets and realizes dreams and miracles.Good luck to all, Daniel.
Automatically translated from Italian.

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