Nicola Quagliarella

‘I had to set the backdrop for her photo shoot…  That night I looked in his studio…as soon as he saw me, he exploded with his particular smile and said: YOUR FACE!… I HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH!
That meeting was alchemical! A friendship and professional esteem were born! Daniel is a spontaneous person, genuine, true; a smiling artist, proactive, perennially creative, inventive, and simple; in addition to being a disruptive personality to the point that with him you always feel alive, participates on every topic, is in continuous movement, always evolving but at the same time you feel in a pleasant atmosphere, jovial.
When I look at his works, I see in them the mirror of his artistic and human personality; works full of flashes of light, tonal changes, sudden aesthetic solutions, a varied, multiple tastes; works that tell with brushstrokes of light the subject;  wrapped with sharp and vigorous solutions almost monumental; sometimes those works are played with light or dazzling sheets of colors…;

His formal compositions are cleverly organized and, at the same time, playful.
I find in Daniel a man- an artist who loves what he does and does it lightly, and at the same time, inside his photography, there is rigor.

I have always been fascinated by his cheerfulness and spontaneity…
He is a child who plays seriously with his art creating images full of light colors and lines that have a certain musicality as a whole…I find…. of sublime beauty.
And as Prince Miskin said in Dostoyevsky’s Idiot :


Daniel started a long time ago.
Thank you’

Automatically translated from Italian.

Artist, World

Portrait Photographer in Milan, Italy